Shhhh! It’s Silent!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a tiny town in rural Kansas. She was a spoiled and well loved little brat, the youngest of four, the only girl. By nature of her adoption, she smuggly held her “I was chosen” status in her heart.

One day this spoiled little girl met a sweet boy. He was the farthest thing from who she “should” be with. She “should” be with the nice, wealthy boy she’d been dating for a year, the boy who wanted to go into politics and liked to take her to fundraisers and dinners. She “should” finish college and get that advertising degree so she and Republican Boy could live in Chicago or New York and be Fabulous. But neither pheromones nor love listen to “shoulds”, and the spoiled little girl ran away with a poor boy named Flake.

Things were rough for the spoiled little girl. She wasn’t used to not having what she wanted. But she and Flake struggled through. They were poor, but they had cats for entertainment. One was even cross-eyed! Soon, they began to find their way. They moved as Flake’s career demanded it. The spoiled little girl began to grow up and learn how to live on her own. And despite everyone’s predictions, they made it.

So far.

It’s our own little version of the American Dream- a little dented, a little worn, but we’re doing our best to make it work.

First, there’s Flake. He’s gone, literally, from janitor to elite-level corporate businessman in just 14 years. He’s got a killer sense of humor, loves kids and sports (especially kids’ sports), and has a Clark Griswold Christmas Complex. We’ve been married for 13 years. Have I mentioned that he looks AMAZING in a suit?

Next, there’s Dash, our oldest son. He’s ten years old, tall and broad shouldered, with spiky blond hair and killer blue-green eyes. Even the middle school girls sigh over those eyes. He’s brilliant- and that’s just not a mother’s love talking- with an almost photographic memory. He loves reading fantasy literature, is soft hearted to a fault, would forget his head if it wasn’t attached, and lives for sports. Lives for them. He plays, he watches, he understands them better than most adults do. He looks like his father (except for his Mama’s fair skin and freckles) and has his mother’s personality through and through.

Then there’s the Z Monkey, our youngest. he’s the polar opposite of his brother in most ways, from looks to personality. He’s his mother’s twin, but with Daddy’s olive complexion and personality. He’s wiry and lithe, a monkey through and through as he leaps from sofa to table and back. His sense of humor is devestating, and he’s a jokester to the extreme. And though he gets frustrated and says he wants to quit, he’s one of the toughest kids I know. The Monkey deals with speech delays and works hard through therapies and his special preschool to overcome those barriers. He takes Occupational therapy to push through his sensory integration disorders. He is one moment a ball of fire, and the next a cuddly puppy on your lap.

Then there’s me. Silent Kh. I’m a mom, a photographer, a teacher, a coach, a best friend, and an occasional bitch all rolled into one package. I live to travel, I love watching my kids play sports, and there’s nothing better than a good book on a rainy night. Snow Cones make me happier than they should. Steel roller coasters with deep drops and fast flips make me giddy. I long to live by the ocean or a large lake, where the waves can lull me to sleep at night. I want to photograph for Conde Nast or National Geographic more than anything. I hate lima beans. I hate any beans.

But I love guacamole.


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